to Art Deco

Lviv artist Natalya Pukhinda has two passions – antiques and flowers, which are the symbols of momentary beauty and eternal beauty. In her works of art Natalya selects each thing to a thing, each trifle to a trifle, a nuance to a nuance, creating from «debris» of the past an aesthetically and energetically «delicious» composition. All the participants of her still life pieces: all these candlesticks, books, vases, clocks, mirrors, music instruments, paintings and hats… once were fragments of scenery in the play of people’s life, whose real biographies forever remained behind the scenes. So, the artist’s romantic imagination is free to compose from these random, mixed «puzzles» from different times and countries, actually, quite convincing stories.

They are so attractive that sometimes the artist herself is tempted to «try them on», at least virtually, before the mirror, the fate of unknown proprietress of the flirty hat. Natalya Pukhinda’s new series is dedicated to the last of the major styles of the twentieth century – Art Deco. Having taken the advantage of the happy occasion of free access to the collection of Art Deco household knick-knacks, the artist was trying to recreate the atmosphere of elegant luxury and refined rationality during interwar days.

With the help of her favorite genre of still life, Natalya Pukhinda offers the modern viewer, who is tired of the primitive industrial consumer goods, to remember the «golden ages» of ideal «cooperation» of the functional and decorative.

Natalia Kosmolynska,
art critic, Lviv.